About us

Oslo rådhus på kveldstid sett fra Aker brygge.Oslo rådhus på kveldstid sett fra Aker brygge.

Committed owner of Schibsted

Blommenholm Industrier is a long-term industrial owner in Schibsted ASA. Our main objective is to retain an equity interest in Schibsted of more than 25 % and to engage in investment activities. We have the ability to invest long-term along multiple business areas, and identity ourselves as a committed owner of Schibsted.

We believe in Schibsted as a growth company. Entrepreneurship is Schibsteds main growth driver, with add-ons in adjacencies and startups.

The willingness to take appropriate risk is the key to Schibsted’s success, and the success of Blommenholm Industrier.
– Trond Berger, CEO Blommenholm Industrier

Blommenholm Industrier was founded in 1992 by Tinius Nagell-Erichsen. In 1994 Tinius transferred his personal shares in Schibsted, the A-share with voting rights and 125 000 non-voting B-shares, to Blommenholm. In 2006 the A-shares was transferred to the Tinius Trust, which was established ten years before. The B-shares was transferred to the heirs of Tinius, and later on non-voting C-shares was introduced and owned by the Trust. Today, Blommenholm Industrier consists of four A-shares, 150 000 B-shares and 799 996 C-shares.

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