Interview with Trond Berger

Bilde av Trond BergerBilde av Trond Berger

Trond Berger is the new chief executive officer of Blommenholm Industrier. In this interview, he describes Blommenholm Industrier’s identity and activities.

In this interview, he describes Blommenholm Industrier’s identity and activities.

Could you describe Blommenholm Industrier?

– Blommenholm Industrier is a long-term industrial owner of Schibsted with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are a committed long term owner of Schibsted – it’s our main investment. We are also a financial long-term owner in Adevinta.

– As active owners, we believe in delivering shareholder value and building long-term sustainable business that contribute posetively to society. Our investment strategy is to deliver long-term return and thereby be able to support our investment in Schibsted.

How do Blommenholm Industrier work to retain equity interest in Schibsted of more than 25 %?

– Our investemnts should deliver long-term return in order to support Schibsteds long-term strategy. We do not have operating income, but deduct income from dividends, sale of shares and other investment activities such as fixed income funds and other receivables.

Could you describe the relationship between Blommenholm Industrier and the Tinius Trust?

– Blommenholm Industrier is a company owned by the Tinius Trust and founded by Tinius Nagell-Erichsen in 1992. In 1994, Tinius transferred his personal shares in Schibsted to Blommenholm Industrier. In 1996, Tinius established the Tinius Trust and ten years later he transferred the A-shares to the Trust.

– Both Blommenholm Industrier and the Tinius Trust shall seek to ensure that Schibsted ASA is run in accordance with the main editorial and business guidelines laid down on formation of the Group.

In 2020, Blommenholm Industrier also started to invest in early-stage startups. Why?

– We want to evolve as an owner of Schibsted. By investing in early-stage startups we gain knowledge about new trends and developments. We also find it important to help startups with growth ambitions in the media business at large.

– Blommenholm Industrier only invest in early-stage startups within media, technology and internet platform models.